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ZOOM Out...

Having the ability to ZOOM Out

It is so easy to become dialed into ourselves and even the immediate world around us. Becoming overwhelmed by small nuances, distracted, and sucked in by 3 second stories and engulfed by miniscule imperfections. We become so fixated by the little, LITTLE things that we truly do begin to miss out on the BIG picture. It’s true that sometimes we need to be aware of the details, this can assist us in certain endeavors. But if we end up getting too caught up in this we lose the amazing ability to gain perspective. We become so tunnel-visioned that we fail to see the progress being made, the growth of ourselves, of children around us and the positive changes we are ACTUALLY making.

The ability to ZOOM out and become “unstuck from the tunnel” brings perspective and allows for better mental clarity. We all possess this ability and should try and practice it daily.

* ZOOM out and see what is occurring around you on a larger scale.

* ZOOM out and recognize the changes you are making, the progress you have already made.

* ZOOM out and gain the perspective that will increase your positive self-talk.

* ZOOM out and be ready for your eyes to widen.

* ZOOM out MORE so you don’t miss out on the many amazing things happening around you and for you.


Your Mindset Task:

You guessed it- ZOOM OUT! The second you are feeling yourself getting caught up in something miniscule- causing a negative emotion. Take a breath and ZOOM out. Gain perspective and then execute behavior and emotion from that insight gained.

I am always here if you need anything!

Talk soon,


Coach Danika

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