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Your body listens and adapts to the fuel that you provide it, ALL sources of fuel: nutrition, training, lifestyle habits, the company we keep and yes, your daily, hourly, second by second thoughts. In fact, your internal dialogue could be argued as one of the strongest influencers to your progress, success and health. The amount of information our bodies, mind and brain are inputting and translating, on a daily basis, is astonishing and at times can be overwhelming to our system. 

The mind is connected to every cell of our body and this complex and intimate relationship has the ability to assist you or hold you back from your best self. It all depends on how you work with it and nourish it.  Achieving your best is attained by focusing on the WHOLE body. This means bridging any gaps found between your internal and external environments. Our thoughts and feelings are strongly linked to our habits, that’s why it is so important to develop daily practices that align the mind, brain and body with your fitness & health goals.

Whether you’re just establishing your goals, in the process of achieving them, transitioning from prep to improvement season or one achieved goal to the next, we will work together on navigating through all parts of your programming with a healthy mindset and direction. The goal will be to give equal energy to a wholesome mind whilst integrating appropriate food-nutrition and training principles that support efficient progress and long-term healthy behavioral & lifestyle changes, as it pertains to your goals. We will work together to make sure you are using your body’s energy to THRIVE not just survive!


Topics and questions we may explore include:

Ø Challenges or obstacles surrounding your current goals

Ø Perceived Areas of Weakness and how we can enhance them.

Ø Defining “support” and what support you have surrounding you.

Ø The influence and power of internal dialogue

Ø Rewriting narratives and thought pathways that better align with goals and overall health

Ø Habits & cyclic patterns that may be standing in your way of your health and goals

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