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While bodybuilding is an individual sport out on the stage, having a supportive team behind you makes the world of difference. This is what separates Team Pro Physique from other teams.  It’s a tight-knit group of athletes who provide support and motivation to one another from all ends of the country. From team work-outs, social events and cheering sections at competitions, it is truly a family built around the love of fitness.

Contest Prep coaching is based on evidence, in the approach and application that we utilize for stage preparation.  This means that we are taking the best of the scientific literature and utilize it with the best practices, to bring the best results.  Our goal is to make sure that we bring the best out of each and every one of our athletes.

To further advance our results, coaches and athletes have access to holistic nutritionists, posing coaches, as well as various professional therapists in the disciplines of massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy

With knowledge comes success and Team Pro Physique exemplifies both with their results. The coaching team has produced overall winners, provincial, national, and international level athletes, and numerous professionals including having athletes on the Olympia stage itself



Ø Fully customized program (training, diet, supplements)

Ø Scheduled check-ins with an expert coach

Ø Full email access to coach

Ø Awesome support system

Ø Customized, detailed peaking plan

Ø Regular progress reviews

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