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The Power of Simple.

I often wonder why we create conflict when conflict isn’t needed or how we are able to create challenges out of simple pleasures. Does it always have to be that challenging? Does there always have to be conflict, resistance, and a feeling that we are just uphill climbing non-stop. And does this truly mean we are “strong” or “driven”? What would happen if we were to just simplify things? Take Nutrition for example – I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you how many “diets” there are out there. It’s a bit overwhelming even for me as a health professional.

But what if we brought it back to basics, simple and not complicated. Would this be more digestible? Literally. Other examples would be parenting, exercising, relationships, etc. I feel there are so many parts of our lives that would greatly benefit from more simplicity. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have some challenges, and yes, a challenge does provide opportunity for growth! But not when it is at the expense of mental clarity, emotional well-being and overall stability. Sometimes simple and steady provides greater success and results than we imagine. For some this may seem a little uncomfortable, to just be and to not have the uphill climb. We may feel insignificant or as if we are not giving enough.

But I challenge you to explore this more…

Mindset Task- Finding comfort & peace in simple.

  • Choose one area of your life that you are feeling the most resistance or challenges in.

  • ZOOM out and see if YOU are bringing on the challenges yourself.

  • Can you “simplify” this area of your life a little more?

  • How does this feel when you do this?

Bonus- Explore a little deeper if there are areas in your life that without conflict would feel “strange” or abnormal to you.

Being able to challenge ourselves in HEALTHY ways is so important and gives great opportunity for growth. It is also important to recognize the power of not having a challenge or obstacle to always climb over. We play a role in these challenges and the intention of them. Is there fear driving them? Lack of Acceptance? Feeling of “self-worth” or are they just pure motivating mountains?

As always, I am here if you need anything and look forward to exploring this with you all!


Coach Danika

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