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Dear Body...

Imagine if we wrote out all the thoughts that we had about our bodies? I am sure for most of us this would be a novel. Now take that a step further and hand over that “novel” to someone else to read. What feelings would arise from the reader? How would the book review be?

What we say regarding our bodies, how we view our bodies and what we use as measurements of an “acceptable body” can often bring such a negative tone. This has been discussed to an exhausting extent on social media, research papers, books, etc.

If this is such a prevalent experience for humans and we know the negative effects, why is it still happening? Is it the environments we are surrounded by? The messages we are given as young children? Media influence? To be honest, it could be a combination of anything and everything. So, while I do feel it is beneficial to discuss the roots of our beliefs, narratives, and origin of self-worth I feel it is also important to just shift the mood focus.

If we are trying to build different thoughts patterns and pathways, sometimes making the challenge/obstacle more relevant in our lives can stall progress. So, let’s start shifting how we view our bodies and be reminded of their amazing abilities! Start creating more of a discussion on what your body has been able to do and is doing, as opposed to what it isn’t doing or how it’s not looking or weighing what you want. Don’t get me wrong, having fitness, health and aesthetic goals are wonderful and should be set. But not at the expense of devaluing our incredible machines.

For this week’s Mindset Task-

Letter of Appreciation- I’d love for you to explore writing a “letter of appreciation” to your body. In this letter, think about what your internal being has been able to accomplish and all the systems that are involved on a daily basis.

Let’s make more relevant a different tone and view of our bodies on a daily basis. If we only get one body for the rest of our lives. Let's make sure we are showing appreciation MORE and discontent less.

As always, I am here if you need anything at all and hope that you accept this challenge 😊


Coach Danika

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