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"Never QUIT on a Bad Day..."

I was speaking with my husband about having our girls enrolled in different activities for the school year, different sports and extracurriculars. In the past we have tried some things and have noticed less excitement for these activities – soccer being one of them. But the conversations around “I don’t want to do this anymore” were always on a “tough day”. This happens to many of us.

It is human nature to want to feel comfort as opposed to discomfort. And the second we feel discomfort we search for a way out. Makes sense, perceived threat – get out! But quitting on a bad day does not allow for growth of many skills that are needed throughout life to include getting better and great at something. Struggle is to be expected in life. Working through “struggle” allows for resiliency to be built. Walking away when something gets hard or on hard days limits our ability to really know if in fact we dislike what we are engaged in and also limits our ability to see what we are capable of! Now, walking away or “quitting” on a good day is very different. This allows us to truly know if what we are engaging in is something we are enjoying and want to continue.

This concept can be applied in many different areas:

· Engaging in a fitness and health program

· Having a disagreement or conflicting conversation with someone

· Prepping for an athletic event

· Getting an education

· Starting a new job

· Trying a new activity or hobby

….and so many more instances

So, before you throw in the “towel”, have a good day, assess – in this good day am I feeling filled and whole heartedly engaged still? If not, make the right choice for yourself. But if you only feel the pull to walk away on bad days, pause and allow the struggle to exist before missing out on a potential opportunity!

Mindset Task-

o Evaluate your struggles and the feelings around them.

o Assess how the struggle impacts you on a “good day”.

As always, here if you need anything at all!


Coach Danika

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