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Never too Late...

It’s never too late to create change …

I recently had a conversation with a close relative who said, and I quote “well this is just who I am and there isn’t any changing that now. I’m stuck in my ways”. I thought hard about that and to be honest felt a little sorry for them. Was it really “too late” to create change? Do we really just become “stuck” in our ways? I’d like to think this is a BIG lie we tell ourselves.

I get it, sometimes it may seem that there is no changing, things are stuck in their ways, and this is just how it is.

Here’s the truth!! You are in more control than you are giving yourself credit for. Those little demons, beasts, old beliefs, and patterns/habits that are just bringing you down, guess what – if you gave them power once YOU can strip that power away.

Perhaps it isn’t a debate of “I can change versus I can't change” but more a question of where am I at in the stages of change, desire to change and even more so am I allowing and willing to have honest self-reflection.

Being “stuck” may just be where our current state of “comfort” is – but is this even the comfort that we deserve to experience?

Change is hard – yes! But living in a state of being “stuck” is even more uncomfortable. So, let’s get UNSTUCK.

Mindset Tasks-

· Reflect – do you feel “stuck” anywhere or unable to bring change to a certain area of life, mindset, thoughts, habits, etc.

· Deprive the fuel- what is fueling this “stuck state”? Can we decrease the instances that we are just feeding this state?

· Ride the peak out- Change can be hard. There are going to be some moments that you will want to go back to that old so-called “comfort”. In these moments, resist and ride out the wave.

· Acknowledge the progress and CHANGE you are making-

***This is important. Even if the change is not HUGE, you are wiggling your way out of a stuck state and finding more movement, more awareness and success each and every little step you take***

As always, here if you need anything. We are all in this forever evolving and moving world together. You got this!


Coach Danika

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1 Comment

You never cease to inspire me!!! Thank you Coach Danika!!

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