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Navigating Internal Chatter

In the 1990’s a research study that was done on the rate of internal dialogue, found that we talk to ourselves at the speed equivalent to 4,000 words per minute. Ethan Cross noted in his new book Chatter, The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters and How to Harness It, how this can be compared to a Presidential Speech which is typically 6,000 words and takes approximately 1 hour in duration. Our minds are absolutely incredible!

But with this incredible, complex and fast internal communication also can come intense mindset roadblocks, repetitive and constant negative feedback loops and an overwhelming amount of “chatter” that only feeds into self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviors, unproductive patterns and quite frankly bullshit that doesn’t serve us well.

Our internal dialogue is “on” all the time. It feeds us positively or negatively.

This. Is. Important.

So how can we navigate the abundance of chit chatter within?

* Let it out!!

o Write, vent, talk, move. Allowing yourself to release some of the chatter within will help to better navigate it. It also will clear up some mental space to allow for more clarity and logical thinking.

* Find another source of audio

o When we are feeling overwhelmed by the constant racing chatter within sometimes providing ourselves with a different source of audio stimulation will redirect our thoughts and give us some relief from perhaps feelings of anxiousness or instability. Some suggestions- call a friend, listen to music, start an audio book, listen to a podcast, go into nature.

* Pause and Reflect

o Catch yourself in your chatter and then ask – “Would I ever say this to a friend, family member, partner?”

* Positive Self-Talk

o Lead with a positive note for yourself and end with some positives too!

It is a pretty amazing gift we have to be able to internal hold conversations that are so fast, multilayered and complex. It can absolutely serve us well on many levels. With this “power” we have to chose wisely how we are nurturing it and how we can “tame” it in a way that serves us best each and every day.

I am always here if you need anything at all. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, even if for a quick vent 😉


Coach Danika

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