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Leaning IN to Seasons

We all go through so many different "seasons" in life. Chapters, phases, whatever you want to call them.

More often than not, there is this degree of resistance that we carry along with us as we venture into new seasons and sometimes even more so as we are in them. While some of this resistance may certainly be normal, because let's face it change can be hard, resistance can hold us back from truly experiencing and well, LIVING! I wouldn't say this is just as individuals we do this, it's on a larger platform as well; written in ads, social media influencers, commercials, etc. If you really think about it, we start hearing and delivering a message of "resist" at a very young age. How often have you heard, or have you said to a child, "Don't grow up too fast" if we have that power?? And I am talking about your chronological age.

When you reflect on the seasons of life you have been through and are going through, what % of resistance would you say existed or does exist? Now what if you were to "lean in" to those seasons, or this season. What would be different? Would your internal dialogue change? Your mood? Your energy? Your WHY? Your acceptance of the season?

>Changes can bring challenge to our "comfort" and our "normal".

>New "Normals" bring expansion, better self-awareness and resiliency.

Your Mindset Task-

  • Evaluate the "season" you are in right now in your life.

  • What is the duration of this season? (Temporary, forever, etc.)

  • Is there any resistance to this season (parts or whole).

  • Can you "lean in" more to this season in any ways? --> healthy acceptance

As always, I am here if needed! Please don't hesitate to reach out. We are all in this "life thing" together.


Coach Danika

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