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Auditing as a tool for SUCCESS...

What does it mean to “audit”?

To audit is simply to examine the quality within a certain system. What if we applied this tactic to our own environment, surroundings, influences, habits, choices, behaviors, etc. on a monthly basis? Would this bring us more overall success?

With any goal we set for ourselves I highly recommend first auditing our environment. When it comes to fitness and health here are a few areas I would focus the “Audit” on:

· Daily Habits

· Activity/Movement

· Sleep Routine

· Nutrition

· Internal Dialogue

· Social Media Influence

· Social Interactions – real life

By deeply reflecting on these areas one by one we can begin to see where some variables may not be serving us well and may not align well at all with the goals that we are in pursuit of. Diving into an audit helps to sift out the pieces that are derailing us. In doing so we create MORE space for variables that better serve us and bring us more success!

This requires honest reflection. It will mean some change will happen. It may even mean that we “send off” some things that are or have been big parts of our daily lives. I promise you though with every “audit” done you will see room for opportunity!

Your Mindset Task:

Choose 3 of the above “areas” as it pertains to your health and fitness and AUDIT.

· Reflect on what you have found.

· Make changes if necessary.

· Measure the success that comes from the changes made.

As always, I am here if you need anything. Please don't hesitate to reach out! Talk soon :)


Coach Danika

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