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Beginners Guide to Training

Beginners Guide to Training


When I initially discussed the idea of this training program with the viewers on my YouTube channel I thought it would be a simple plan with some workouts to follow for a few weeks. The more I thought about the project the more I wanted it to be different than that. Anyone can tell you to go to the gym and do 3 sets of 10 on a bench press. There is not real skill there. So, my goal is to combine both the training along with my thoughts on how to go about finding a gym, or a place to train consistently as well as doing the workout design. If you are reading this then you very likely already know the huge benefits to consistently resistance training. A better quality of life is something you are interested in and perhaps you are just intimidated by the process. So this will be my guide to you and I hope there is something helpful within these pages that allows you to take that step


- Paul Revelia

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