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The Skill of "Pivoting"

Updated: May 19

There is an amazing art and skill of “pivoting” that when tapped into allows for great perseverance, a deeper state of calm and better progress on all levels.

I remember when I had my first child my dad said to me, hope you’re ready to be flexible. I thought, "What is that supposed to mean?" As a type A personality, the skill of being flexible was not a commonly used one. I was organized, everything had a place, I had a schedule, I had “control” or at least that was what I thought. This was my reality check or perhaps a gentle reminder- that was much needed. I soon began to realize that the once felt control I had was challenged by the agenda of another, the schedule of another. But this skill that I was able to tap into soon became one that I use every day.

Life is ALWAYS going to throw us curve balls. The schedule we lay out first thing in the morning doesn’t always happen; the workout we planned and were excited to complete may be disrupted, cut short or completely derailed; the health that we have may be compromised by some unforeseen event or illness. LIFE. WILL. HAPPEN. So how do we pivot and be OK with plot twists?

What has helped me immensely has been to become more aware of my controllables and uncontrollables. Be able to bring more energy to your controllables and less emotional energy to your non-controllables- the sh*t that just happens, makes us a little frustrated but does NOT have enough worth to dictate the rest of our day, week, month, year, life. Whenever we are challenged with a change of direction -remember you are in control of how you take on this challenge, how you “pivot” and how you move forward. Even in the movements when we feel we have little control, we will always possess the most powerful source of energy – our mind! Use it wisely, use it to pivot and to thrive in all the twists and turns of life.

Your Mindset Task:

  • List out your controllables and uncontrollables.

  • Reflect on where your energy is going more towards.

  • PIVOT! Create habit changes & energy shifts that help you to continue moving forward no matter what comes your way.

Always here if you need anything!

xo - Coach Danika


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