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Coach Nick

BS: Kinesiology, Masters in Health and Human Performance, Masters in Exercise Science (in progress), NAMS Nutrition Consultant

Nick is both a natural pro bodybuilder as well as a national level NPC classic physique competitor. Taking a flexible approach to his diet has been a tremendous benefit and allowed him to live a fitness focused lifestyle and find a perfect balance between being a competitor, coach, and father to twin boys.  
Nick is a lifetime athlete and has competed in many sports. After collegiate wrestling and football, he has continued to train, competing in his first show. After that he knew that he would spend the rest of his life in fitness. Using his evidence-based approach, and 15 years of resistance training and nutrition experience, He has coached himself, as well as many clients to the stage, and helped countless people discover the benefits of flexible dieting. Helping them to create healthy habits that help support their busy lifestyles. Nick’s goal is to bring out everyone’s best and share his knowledge, to give others the power to use fitness and nutrition to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the stage.

Joined the Team in 2022

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