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Command the Stage: Prepped by Pro Physique

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Morning everyone!

For everyone who has purchased a ticket there will be a group created where I'll be posting schedules and answering questions, but it's also for you to connect with other TPP ladies; maybe book an Airbnb, talk about outfits, whatever it is prior to the event! I want to create a super supportive community and get y'all talking!

With that being said we do have a group block booking at the Hampton Inn Downtown Channelside. Email me if you would like the direct link at (I'll post it to the ticket holders group when that is up and running). Hotel stay is not included.

As for food, I will do my best to make sure everyone's needs are accommodated.

The event will officially kick off Thursday evening, Feb 22nd, for casual dinner/drinks. Where and when is not confirmed yet, but plan for 5pm on the safe side.

If you have any further questions please email me at I will be answering my email during regular business hours.


Our second annual "Prepped by Pro Physique" in-person event ...


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