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Command the Stage: Prepped by Pro Physique

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I saw this video of Paul, I'm 46 years old, I started to walk everyday since my breakup in October, Now I'm adding jugging to my routine, I do 7,5 k to 10k step a day. I'm down from 265 to 227 pounds, it show a little on my waist since my belt is 3 holes leaner and 2 shirt size smaller. I want to continue, i would like to add more but when it come to the upper body, I like to keep a bit of fat, reason is I am handicapped on my left side and when I shredd a lot I start to look really un even my left arm beeing half of the size of my right and muscle on my right side pulling too much on my left side, are there exercice to help structure some of my working left muscle, without using the hand (not working) and tricep got mulched by the accident.


Our second annual "Prepped by Pro Physique" in-person event ...


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