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Coach Maria

Certified Personal Trainer and NAMS Certified Nutritional Consultant

Maria grew up in a family of seven kids, so as you could imagine competition was part of her life from an early age. At ten years old she began training and competing in gymnastics and cheerleading, and eventually coached. Her passion for sports only grew with age, and after spending her childhood in and out of gyms, it was only fitting that her first job was working the front desk at a gym. Maria is now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NAMS Certified Nutrition Consultant. It was in 2019 that Maria took her own fitness journey a step further and stepped onto the bodybuilding stage where she has now won 3 Bikini Overall titles and is a National-level Bikini competitor. Her love of coaching and commitment to overall health has evolved into her pursuing a career in educating others on the importance of nutrition and strength training. Through a scientific approach and healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits, one can improve not only physically, but also mentally, according to each individual’s needs and goals.

Joined the team 2022

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