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Coach Dani

Bachelor’s Degree in IMC and NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer

Dani Krshka has been coaching both lifestyle clients and bikini competitors since 2012 with experience both in person and online. After hiring Paul Revelia as her personal coach in early 2018, it didn’t take long for her to realize this was a team she wanted to be a bigger part of. Dani joined the coaching staff at Pro physique in early 2019 and has since progressed to being one of the Directors of Coaching as well as starting the Pro Physique Code podcast.

Dani is a national-level bikini competitor with 10+ years of experience earning her a large collection of top placing trophies including 2 overall wins. She’s coached many women to the stage for their first time as well as taken seasoned competitors to the next level. She’s also helped hundreds of lifestyle clients completely change their relationship with food for the better while reaching their weight loss goals at the same time. In addition, Dani gave birth to her first born son in July of 2021 and now has a new passion of helping other women begin their post-partum fitness journey. Her goal is to help others increase their quality of life and find strength and confidence both physically and mentally through a flexible dieting lifestyle.

Joined the team 2019

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